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Oct 26th 2016

Where is the good in goodbye?

Posted by: andrea      Filed in: The Cast ,The Show      Comments: Comments Off on Where is the good in goodbye?


As I reflect on these years together in my dressing room on stage 6 on the WB lot (apparently James Dean once climbed above it and hid in the rafters) it is silent. I am unable to find the words to equate how tremendously emotional I feel. It is unlike anything I could ever explain. I will think about this often, and look back fondly on what we all shared together. I can’t even believe it. So grateful for the support of our fans and friends. I will miss this family so very much. – Keegan Allen

@imarleneking opens up about the end of #prettylittleliars (grab a tissue, PLL fans 😭): "Today marks the series wrap on 'Pretty Little Liars,' my home away from home for the last seven seasons. When I call 'cut' on the very last scene, all five PLLs will be in the shot. Tears will be spilled, gifts will be exchanged, and final memories will be made. The most meaningful gift, however, is that we call ourselves 'PLL Family' because that is how much we mean to each other. We have created a worldwide family of fans who have come together to watch and celebrate the show. Friendships have been made and sealed over the love our passionate fans have for 'PLL.' In an age where technology often separates people, we used social media to bring them together. In season six, Spencer quoted A. A. Milne, author of 'Winnie the Pooh': 'How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.' And those words have never spoken to me so loudly. Thank you to the cast, the crew, and all the fans who have kept Rosewood alive; we would be nowhere without you. And as this chapter ends, to my 'PLL' family all over the world, I won’t say good-bye, I’ll say, 'See you soon, bitches.'" – I. Marlene King, #cosmoinstagramcolumnist #pll

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Aug 1st 2016

Pretty Little Liars Wins @ 2016 Teen Choice Awards – Video Inside

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Choice TV Actor, Drama
Choice TV Actress, Drama
Choice TV Villain
Choice TV Scene Stealer
Choice TV Chemistry

Congratulations everyone!

Jun 29th 2016

A speciAl messAge from MArlene King About next week’s episode…

Posted by: Coco      Filed in: Media ,The Cast      Comments: Comments Off on A speciAl messAge from MArlene King About next week’s episode…

Jun 24th 2016

Ashley Benson’s Favorite Fan Theories [VIDEO]

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Jun 21st 2016

The PLL Cast gives you 4 reasons to tune in this season…

Posted by: Coco      Filed in: The Cast ,The Show      Comments: Comments Off on The PLL Cast gives you 4 reasons to tune in this season…

The Pretty Little Liars Cast Reveals the Top 4 Reasons to Tune in This Season

Any fan of Pretty Little Liars will tell you that following this show for the past six seasons has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. We’ve trailed the show’s stars—Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, and Sasha Pieterse—through their teen years, where young love and rifts between gal pals were uniquely colored by the ever looming threat of danger by an obsessed stalker. Even when it’s been hard to relate, every twist and turn in this series has been thrilling to watch. We were finally granted a tiny nugget of relief when, in the sixth season’s part one finale, we got a ton of answers as to who had been wreaking so much havoc for all those years.

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