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Jun 24th 2016

Ashley Benson’s Favorite Fan Theories [VIDEO]

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Jun 22nd 2016

Pretty Little Liars boss talks Hanna’s fate: ‘Who is that hole for?’

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Pretty Little Liars’ seventh season is officially underway, and after its first episode, Hanna’s fate is still unknown, Mary Drake has officially made her return to Rosewood, and the Liars believe that Alison was responsible for Charlotte’s death. But how much of that is true, and what can fans expect from the rest of the season?

EW spoke with executive producer Charlie Craig about the premiere and what comes next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is the mystery of who killed Charlotte still alive?
CHARLIE CRAIG: The mystery of who killed Charlotte is actually going to play a big part in season 7 of this show and will be solved. We will get the definitive answer — whether it’s Alison or somebody else — by the end of the season, but it’s going to be a big engine powering what A.D. is trying to accomplish during the course of this season.

I’m curious about the decision to have Spencer be the one who visited Hanna in her dream.
I think if you look at the four girls, the core PLLs, Spencer was the right person to visit in that sequence and to give Hanna hope. Spencer’s the logical one — the concept that if there’s a way in, there’s a way out. Spencer made the most sense as the most calm under fire, and probably the person somebody who’s being put through what Hanna’s being put through would conjure to give her comfort. I thought that was a really cool scene.

How is this experience going to affect Hanna moving forward? It’s one of the darkest things the show’s done.
You’re right. That was one of the darker episodes we’ve seen, and this season is going to be a darker season because it is a season in which the stakes are the highest and A.D. has the most to win or lose. It’s going to be a deadlier season. I mean look, the season began with three girls digging a grave. [Laughs.] They’re not doing that to roast a pig for the luau. I love what we get to do with Hanna, especially in the first half of the season, because what happened to her was traumatic. It’s not like that happened but in the next episode she’s going to be fine. What she went through is going to be a huge engine to motivate some really surprising and scary and really strong and powerful actions that Hanna takes during the first half of our season. That was dark and grim because it needed to be for us to be able to take Hanna where she’s going to go. That’s something to look forward to. Read More at Entertainment Weekly


Jun 21st 2016

Which couples are Marlene King’s endgame pairs?

Posted by: Coco      Filed in: Interview ,The Cast ,The Show      Comments: Comments Off on Which couples are Marlene King’s endgame pairs?

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Season 7 Is Full Of ‘Big Romantic Twists & Turns’

The beginning of the end is here. The premiere of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is here for what Marlene King calls one of the most romantic yet! Here’s what she told HollywoodLife.com exclusively during a recent set visit.

We’re hours away from the Pretty Little Liars premiere and that means the romance is in the air. Marlene King has been teasing the final season for quite some time now and now we have even more — and yes, it includes the couples to come. And, who is her dream endgame pairs? You may be surprised.

Fans should expect “lots of big romantic twists and turns,” Marlene said.

Jun 21st 2016

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: Marlene King Talks Returning Characters, Potential Deaths and a Marriage Proposal

Posted by: Anthony      Filed in: Interview ,The Show      Comments: Comments Off on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: Marlene King Talks Returning Characters, Potential Deaths and a Marriage Proposal

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "Tick-Tock Bitches" - It's life or death for one of the PLLs in "Tick-Tock, Bitches," the season seven premiere of Freeform's hit original series "Pretty Little Liars," airing TUESDAY, JUNE 21 (8:00 - 9:00 p.m. EDT). Fans can catch up on where the Liars left off with an all-day marathon of season six starting at 11:00 a.m. EDT and running up to the one-hour summer premiere at 8:00 p.m. EDT. (Freeform/Eric McCandless) SHAY MITCHELL, SASHA PIETERSE

“The premiere episode starts with an extremely fast-ticking clock. The clock is ticking and we find out by the end of Act 1 if Hanna is dead or alive, and what her condition is — and it is very disturbing,” “Pretty Little Liars” creator Marlene King tells Variety of Ashley Benson’s character, who was kidnapped and seen unconscious in the final moments of Season 6 this spring.

Whether on not Hanna makes it out alive, King promises that the body count is higher than ever before this season.

“The stakes are the highest they’ve ever been in Rosewood, regarding the Liars and A.D./Uber A,” she says. “Because of that, there are a lot of consequences and fatalities.”

Though Freeform has not commented on the end of the series, rumors have been long swirling that Season 7 will be the last with cast members weighing in on the buzz. Last week, King said: “The show is coming to a closure of sorts, and that’s all we can say for now. Everyone loves their characters and the world so we hope it continues in some way shape or form.”

Asked by Variety in this interview if there’s a possibility for new wave of “Pretty Little Liars,” perhaps with a new cast, King offered: “It could be one of many things and we really don’t know what that might be. We don’t mean to be ambivalent — we just don’t really know. That’s why we really don’t have an answer.”

When asked if this upcoming season will be the last with the current cast, she said, “We still officially don’t know.”

With that said, here, King talks to Variety about Season 7, including the upcoming Uber A reveal, the return of Paige, Emison, Ezria and Spencer’s big scene.

You confirmed that we will find out who Uber A is in Season 7. Could there be more than one person?

One person is the master, but that master may have some puppets.

At what point in the season will we find out who Uber A is?

I’m not going to tell you! I’d like that to be a surprise. But, you will find out.

There will be a proposal in the summer season and a wedding in the back half, correct?


Read the full interview at Variety.


Jun 20th 2016

Ashley Benson’s Cryptic PLL Season 7 Interview

Posted by: Anthony      Filed in: Interview ,The Cast ,The Show      Comments: Comments Off on Ashley Benson’s Cryptic PLL Season 7 Interview


Hanna Marin is in grave danger on Pretty Little Liars. As a refresher, the end of the season six finaleleft us all in shock as “A.D.” drags an unconscious Hanna across the floor in some undisclosed location. With a whole slew of new pictures from the season seven premiere and no Hanna in sight, we’re really starting to worry that Hanna might die. Luckily, a recent visit to the Pretty Little Liarsset gave us a chance to interview Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna on the show. Keep reading to see the questions she fielded from us — and one other journalist — about the upcoming season.

Can you give us an idea on how the season is going to start off?
Ashley Benson: The beginning of the season starts off right where we left it in the season finale of season six. So basically, everyone is trying to find Hanna. . . . She’s being tortured and abused, in all kinds of ways, and they’re just trying to save her.

Are we going to get to see a face or a mask of who the person is?
AB: No. You’ll see a shadowy figure, but you won’t actually see who it is.

A voice?
AB: No. No. Just me.

So what can you say about both Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake’s motivations going forward? How will these clash with A.D.?
AB: I mean, to be honest. I don’t know what parts they play in the “A” of it all. . . . Mary Drake and Elliot [tie in] to Charlotte and her murder. They could be on the “A” team; I’m not sure. But, as of now, I think that they are a team, and they could be teaming up with “A” eventually.

Read the full interview at Popsugar.

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